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戶外型立窗遮陽系統適用於建築外窗,可調節熱能流量,降低室內溫度,達到隔熱遮陽的效果,並可減低空調需求,而明家所採用的布品,不但具有強度耐候性,可防潮、抗 UV,更有多種顏色與款式,讓建築外觀更有生命力,除了滿足遮陽、節能、美觀的需求,明家的戶外型立窗遮陽系統更可結合風光控系統,達到自動化的智能管理,創造一個全新的建築外牆設計概念。

     Outdoor vertical window shading system:

Outdoor vertical window shading systems is fit for exterior windows.  It can adjust heat flow and reduce indoor temperatures to achieve the effect of shading insulation and reduce the demand for air conditioning.  The fabrics which Ming Chia use not only has the strength of weather resistance, moisture-proof and anti-UV, but also has more variety of colors and styles to make the building look more vitality.  In addition to meet the shading, energy saving and aesthetic requirements, Ming Chia’s outdoor vertical window shading system can also be combined with scenery control system to achieve automation of intelligent management to create a brand new concept of building exterior design.